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Over the last few days, Medecon healthcare is taking proactive steps to protect the work place in the current COVID -19 outbreak. During this incident, It is our goal to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided to NHS and private customers. Click >Pandemic Contingency Plan 




Medecon Healthcare not associate with          greatecoglove.com or any third party to sell any of our products. If you have been approached by such scammers, particularly requesting payment to be made to personal bank accounts. Please be warned that this is not our practice. contact us directly at customerservices@medecon.co.uk or call us at 0203 384 4540 for confirmation.

Choosing to Work with Medecon Healthcare… Reduce Maintenance Costs, Improve Response Times and Increase Equipment Reliability,

  -   Medecon Healthcare  signed dealership agreement with Simex for introduce simex Subglottic Aspiration System in the UK market. 

The simex Subglottic Aspiration System, cuff S and cuff M are the most advanced solution for the aspiration of subglottic secretion, featuring all new state-of-the-art “Intermittent” mode of therapy.

The simex cuff M is designed for subglottic extraction in order to help prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). 

 - Medecon Healthcare has signed exclusive UK distributorship for the Airway management product manufacturer SUMI, a leading manufacturers of medical equipment in Poland and R-Vent, Turkey.  


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Medical Engineering Services

Medecon Medical Engineering Services are highly valuable and guaranteed cost saving services ensures top-notch working order for highly specialized and intricate equipment that are crucial to the day to day running of a healthcare facility.

MVS & MES Services

Medecon provides vendor independent Managed Equipment Services with up to date technologies  and value for money solution. Our experienced team  of Consultants, Engineers, Doctors and Nurses are provide complete solution to enhance your operational performance.

Equipment Planning and consultancy Services

Equipment planning is an essential element in the successful completion of a new clinical services / department in the hospital or hospital renovation or new healthcare construction project.Medecon assist you in planning your next project. 

Imaging System Remanufacturing 

Medecon provides remanufacturing of medical imaging devices and the process consists of the following steps: equipment inspection, disassembly, cleaning and disinfection; remanufacturing planning; mechanical and electrical remanufacturing; final testing and commissioning. 

Certified Patient Data Destruction Service

Medecon assist you in complying with the Data Protection Act via our services.  Data Erasure Management is more than a solution to monitor data erasure activities. It’s an  all-encompassing strategy and absolute line of defense against harmful patient data leaks and  compliance with data privacy regulations.

Decommissioning And WEEE disposal of equipment 

Medecon take decommissioning  and WEEE disposal of medical equipment and imaging systems very seriously. All of our processes follow stringent environmental regulations and compliance at all times. we can ensure complete data security so you can rely on a straight forward but comprehensive service.

Ultrasound Probe & MRI Coil Repair

Medecon provides prompt, reliable, high quality repair at a reasonable price for all major ultrasound transducer brands and MRI Coils. Medecon performs all probe repair services in the probe repair facility at Leicester and Graz, Austria and MRI Coil repair in our own facilities..  Medecon offer quick turn around times as well as an ISO certified quality control process to insure that your probe / MRI Coil meets or exceeds industry standards

Mobile Imaging System & Equipment Rental 

Medecon provides the rental of state-of-the-art mobile MRI scanners, mobile CT Scanners   and mobile angio and cardiac labs and more for NHS hospitals, clinics and other health organizations. Medecon rents and leases medical imaging and diagnostic equipment from Siemens, GE, Philips and Toshiba for short or long term duration.

Imaging System Valuation and Resale 

Medecon provides a one-stop solution in the complete resale of imaging system and removal process; this maximizes your return, while minimizing your risk. Medecon provides independent market prices, which on many occasions are more competitive than what is offered through some auction companies or OEM replacement programs.




 Since 2008, Medecon Healthcare has proven itself to be the experts in Biomedical Engineering  Services such as Managed Equipment Services(MES), Multi Vendor Equipment maintenance services, Equipment planning and consultancy, decommissioning of equipment, imaging system relocation and upgrading, laboratory maintenance service and consultancy service for ISO 17025 accreditation process.,equipment auditing and WEEE disposal. 



   Servicing all of London areas and now expanding south of England and midlands. Medecon healthcare continues to set the Gold Standard for repairs, recommended maintenance, calibrations   and safety inspections of your medical, imaging and lab equipment.



             Our friendly customer support specialists make it easy to schedule the services you need, and our knowledgeable Engineers get the job done right the first time, every time.



       Each of your patients deserve the best, and we feel the same way about our clients. from large Medical Centers to Private Practices, our most important client is the one we our servicing right now. Let us show you just how easy it can be to maintain and repair your crucial equipment. Call or email us today to get started.



             We are on standby to help deliver the engineering support service you need 24/7/365 days.





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October 26, 2021

Medecon Healthcare has been awarded National Framework Agreement - Angiography & Hybrid Theatre Equipment and Related Services by NHS supplychain. Framework agreement Ref: 2021/S 000-015147. 

October 28, 2021

Medecon Healthcare sponsored Critical Care Conference 2021: Learning from Crisis, UK and Dr. Jerry Gentile, Director of Cardiopulmonary services  Medford Multicare Centre, New York  presented a session on Automated subglottic Aspiration system in Reduction of VAP and secondary Lung infection in ventilated COVID patients. Medecon introduced Automated Subglottic Aspiration system, manufactured by SIMEX in the conference. 


Medecon Healthcare has been awarded various National Framework agreement such as Maintenance and Repair of Medical Devices, imaging equipment and  Provision of Managed Equipment Services.




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