The complexity of planning, designing and equipping a new healthcare facility or a department or healthcare services requires strategic decision making and in depth knowledge and experience about the required day to day operations. 

Optimally planned and selcetion of equipment in a healthcare facility can tremendously enhance its day-to-day operations. Careful and meticulous equipping  is involved in delivering an efficient and harmonious healthcare services.

We offer specialized planning and procurement  services packaged with professional foresight and initiative to ensure clients receive value for their capital expenditure.


Scope of services:

  • Assessing risk factors.

  • Specifying equipment, planning and procurement. 

  • Procuring related support services.

  • Evaluation and assembling of contract bids.

  • Negotiation and execution of contracts.

  • Performing quality assurance monitoring.

  • Technology assessment, planning and training.

  • Hospital testing and commissioning.

  • Warranty management.