Medecon offers ultrasound probe / MRI Coil repair and refurbishment for a variety of MRI Coils and ultrasound probes, including convex, phased array, linear, and TEE for a wide variety of manufacturers.


In many cases, repairs on damaged or broken  probes can be made for a fraction of the cost of a replacement new or used ultrasound transducer.

In addition, we also offer a probe rental program, which will allow you to continue your work virtually uninterrupted while we evaluate and/or repair your probe.


While some repairs are relatively easy and cost-effective, our expert engineers will evaluate your transducer for repair and make recommendations on whether to repair, replace, or keep your transducer. Different pricing options are available for some repairs, and sometimes you’ll find there’s a relatively simple fix that can extend the life of your ultrasound probe and you can put off the potentially expensive fix.


we are carrying more than 400 probes in stock and we can provide you with a loaner while your probe is send away for repair. Your clinical service down time is taken care and guaranteed next day dispatch of loan probe. Our Probe Pool provides access to an extensive range of loan probes/transducers free of charge for our comprehensive contract customers. 


We offer repair and replacement for nearly every ultrasound manufacturer, including GE, Siemens, ATL, Acuson, Philips, SonoScape, SIUI, SonoSite, HP, Biosound Esaote, and many others.

Our most common problems and repairs include:

  • Strain Relief

  • Image “Dropout”

  • Worn, Cracked, or Holes in Membrane

  • Broken Locking Mechanism

  • 3D/4D Probe Leakage or Motor Repair


Medecon MRI coil repair capabilities allow us to provide high quality workmanship in a timely manner, reducing our customer's downtime. Medecon continually go above and beyond what is expected, from high quality repairs at a cost lower than the OEM, to recommendations toward preventative maintenance to help reduce future investments. 

We Service:

  • All MRI coil makes and models

  • All field strengths

  • All designs (linear, quadrature, phased array, multi-channel)

  • All configurations