Information disclosure has become a major risk to organisations working with sensitive data, primarily due to the increasing dependence on electronic storage systems and the use of disposable media. NHS and third party systems may deal with patient identifiable, business critical or sensitive data. To prevent unauthorised disclosure and misuse,  it is essential that assured data destruction take place.


Medecon provides secured and certified data wiping services for hard drives from the medical devices and imaging systems, computer hard drives, mobile devices, usb sticks and other media. Senstivite information is erased from all storage devices using approved Data Erasure technologies. 


The high value imaging system or medical equipment without a operating system and application software is useless and there is no resale value. Medecon healthcare provides the solution for securely erase the patient data from the hard disk or memory media and operating system and application system are saved.  This way your imaging system will get a good resale value. 


The service can be available on-site at your premises or off-site at our secure facility. If required we can collect items and deliver them back to you – securely wiped and safe for redeployment.


Our engineers can attend your premises and wipe drives and handheld devices in situ, in the safety of your own secure area. Your security personnel are able to wintess and monitor the entire operation.

If required for off-site services, we can scan the details of your hard drives at point of collection so that the serial numbers can be reconciled with the documentation provided. That way you can be certain that every disk is erased.