Medecon Healthcare provide vendor-neutral managed services for maintenance services to hospitals. Our experience, technical skills, in-region resources and strong biomedical industry relationships allow us to provide  services to virtually the full spectrum of medical equipment, from the simplest device to the most complex medical imaging and clinical laboratory equipment.  we provide you the full measure of quality medical equipment repair, maintenance, technology management, procurement process  and consulting services.


                Medecon Healthcare provide an extensive range of services including:

  • Radiology /Imaging managed equipment services and Multi vendor services

  • Pathology managed equipment services and Multi vendor services 

  • Endoscopy managed equipment services and Multi vendor services

  • Biomedical Equipment Endoscopy managed equipment services and Multi vendor services                                                                                                Our multivendor maintenance solution provides:

  • Single-point-of-contact

  • 24/7 cover level

  • Inhouse engineering services to save time and reduce delays

  • choice of neutral vendor products

  • Fast despetch of service engineer  

  • Guaranteed service level agreements across equipment from all vendors

  • Integrated performance reporting

  • Scalable solutions

  • Performance commitment

  • Reduced risk                                                                                                                                      The benefits to you are significant:                          

  • Immediate reduction on maintenance spending with average savings between 10 and 30%

  • Lower contract management and overhead costs when you streamline to a single multivendor maintenance contract

  • Potential for streamlining or reallocating resources due to operational efficiencies

  • Synergy between technical support, parts repair, exchange services, and onsite field maintenance across multiple elements.