Medecon Healthcare  remanufactured process begins with 3 tier process   from selection of imaging system,remanufacturing process and installation and commissioning.  Medecon Healthcare remanufactured imaging system such as  X-Ray system, Fluroscopy, Cath labs, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mobile X-rays and C -Arms.

The remanufacturing  process are follows:

  • Selection and initial evaluation of the imaging system

  • Complete tear-down and all mechanical and electronic systems are then functionally and cosmetically inspected, evaluated and remanufactured to exacting standards and manufacturers original specifications

  • Hardware and software upgrade

  • Imaging system is pre-staged for operational compatibility and calibration to OEM specifications.

  • Imaging system undergo Physics checks

  • Certification process

  • Instllation and commissioning