Refurbished Fluoroscopy System Installation at UCLH: A case Study. 

Dec 6, 2015 2:00:00 PM


Medecon provided a turnkey solution to the West Moreland Street Hospital (Old Heart Hospital), Part of University College London Hospital. The old cardiac Cath lab decommissioned by the hospital and the hospital want to use this space to start more valuable clinical services. The hospital approached us for provide the turn key solution for commission a fluoroscopy system for urology clinic. We are committed to deliver this solution with short span of time and space with limited budget. To help others considering the same option, we documented the process step-by-step. The following is a case study that demonstrates the selection, system refurbishment, room planning, installation, commissioning and hand over including physics checks and warranty.


The Background


The old heart hospital at Westmoreland street, part of the UCLH decommissioned the old cardiac Cath lab and transformed the space to use other valuable clinical services. The Imaging department consists of MRI, CT, General X Ray, C-Arm and Ultrasound units. The limited space available for commission a fluoroscopy unit for providing urology clinic service for few years. The OEM new and OEM refurbished unit costs are not viable and justifiable solution for few years. The hospital approached companies selling used equipment by the Imaging Strategy Manager for provide the solution. Medecon was selected to provide the solution.  Medecon immediately deployed the team of experts for provide this solution with in the constrained time, space and money.

Medecon consider this project as a mission to provide the solution within the restricted space in the basement and time.


The Decisions


Equipment Selection


The options being researched by the team of experts with primary factor of space restriction and cost considerations. We have Philips and Siemens fluoroscopy refurbished system available in our storage and experts found Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva perfectly fit inside the available space. We have submitted the complete project details to the UCLH purchasing team and accepted to go ahead with the project within 3-4 weeks from start to commission the system.


System Refurbishment


In this case, Medecon engineers refurbished the Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva system as per our stringent 10-point process as per our in-house standards. The refurbishment process went through the cosmetic process and unit delivered on 2nd Sep 2015. Before the delivery, Medecon work with hospital building contractors and electrical contractors to shape up the room as per floor plan and electrical requirement for the fluoroscopy system. Medecon fabricated the base plate and fitted.


The Installation


The installation process for this system as per the project plan started on 3rd Sep 2015 and System switched ON on 14 Sep 2015 provided 4 extra days as a contingency measure to overcome any installation issues and unexpected issues along the process. The installation completed successfully as per the project plan and medical physics test passed at first time. The hospital arranged the OEM Philips to certify the installation and all passed at first time. The unit handed over for clinical use on 21 Sep 2015 after the user training.


The Warranty


The 3 months warranty period completely taken care by medecon.


Finally, The refurbished Philips Easy diagnost Eleva starts working for west moreland street hospital and Our expert of engineering team working for another projects.


A Bonus!


The West moreland hospital imaging team excited about the cosmetic condition of Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva system and easy to work with the unit.


The Takeaway


Not every refurbished imaging system installation will contain exactly all the same steps: different sites may choose different equipment configuration and system, different installers may or may not provide the solution like this for you, but Medecon has proven expertise and commitment which every customer can trust.

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